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Amanda Lee School of Dance offers classes in a number of styles to support each students’ individual interests. We are committed to maintaining a high level of knowledge and training to assist in students development, creativity, technique and achieving goals.


We have the option for student's to take lessons just for fun but also offer RAD Ballet Exams, Glenn Wood Tap Exam, solos, trios and duos, pointe and performance classes to selective students wishing to further develop their skills and interest in dance.

"We are so lucky to have found the little gem of a dance school that is ALSOD! Fab dancing, fantastic friendships and terrific role models for our kids"

- Aimee

"My daughter absolutely loves dancing at ALSOD. The teachers are lovely and she always has a smile on her face. A great school to be part of"

- Natalie



Ballet is an inspiring style of dance known for its elegance, precision and strength. The art of ballet is continually evolving and provides an excellent grounding that translates across all styles of dance. We offer the RAD Syllabus, which is recognised worldwide as the leading organisation for classical ballet education. Students may undertake examinations which allows them to learn more traditional styles of dance such as Character. Ballet is compulsory for all performance and private lesson students. Pointe is also offered for students in Grade 5 and above.





Jazz is a fun, energetic and dynamic style of dance that is great for all ages. Each Jazz class is highly engaging, having a strong emphasis on music and performance quality. Different jazz styles and skills are taught appropriate to each class, which is both challenging and inspiring for all students. We also offer Performance for select students to further develop their skills.





Lyrical dance is an extension of Classical Ballet that is comprised of fluid movements. Lyrical combines many of the technical elements of ballet, with the freedom and expressiveness of modern dance. This style primarily focuses on demonstrating emotion through the interpretation of music and is offered to performance students at the school.





Contemporary dance is based around classical techniques and the discipline of distinct, unique movements. Contemporary dance explores creative choreography with the aid of music to build dynamics and strengthen story telling and self expression. Contemporary is best known for its versatility and is offered to performance students.





This class is designed to improve student flexibility, core strength, balance, technique and range of skills. Students are taught the correct methods of stretching, and what particular stretches benefit them in aid to perform a particular skill. This class is recommended for all performance and exam students.





This style of dance refers to choreographed movements that have evolved from hip hop culture, encompassing a wide range of dance styles and music. These primarily include popping, locking, breaking, funk styles and lyrical hip hop. All students will love this funky style that allows them to explore their own creativity and freedom within the style. 





Tap is a traditional style of dance that is chacterised by the percussive sounds of a tappers shoe striking the floor. Our structured tap classes focus on technique, musicality and coordination in a fun and supportive learning environment. Advanced students are challenged with styles of choreogrpahy, timing and improvisation.





AcroDance is a genre of dance which seamlessly fuses elements of lyrical tricks, balancing, tumbling and jazz helping to create versatile dancers. Students will learn tricks such as handstands, cartwheels, chest stands, elbow stands, walkovers, side and front aerials and tumbling lines progressing through class levels as they advance. Students must develop a good foundation of strength and flexibility to achieve new skills, and with a steady approach, students will reach their goals safely, effectively and technically correct. AcroDance classes at ALSOD are available for students of all ages and abilities. We are proud to offer the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus for these classes with qualified staff at ALSOD.



ALSOD offers a number of performance classes and opportunities available to select dancers wishing to perform and compete both locally and interstate. These classes include Solo, Duo, Trio, Private Coaching, Mini Troupe and Troupe classes. Please contact us to express your interest in our performance classes. 

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